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What is an Infrared Sauna?

Where traditional saunas use heating elements to raise the temperature of the air inside, infrared saunas use infrared light to heat your body while the air around you stays unchanged. The result is your core temperature rising without having to sit in a room where the ambient temperature is close to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Some people find this more comfortable than traditional saunas.


Treatment Guidance

  • If you have suffered a recent joint injury that is considered acute, it should not be heated for at least 48 hours or until swelling diminishes.
  • The use of illegal drugs or alcohol prior to or during the sauna may lead to dizziness or unconsciousness and is strictly prohibited.
  • It is advised not to have a full stomach to avoid any ill feelings. A good rule of thumb is to not eat for about an hour
    prior to your sauna session.
  • Detoxification can be sudden for some people. These effects may include dizziness, nausea and fatigue. If you
    experience these please get out of the sauna to cool and hydrate. Most people do not experience these symptoms.
  • Extra hydration is important before, during, and after taking a sauna. Along with pure, fresh water, an electrolyte drink, mineral supplement or fresh green juice is recommended.
  • Glass and open containers are not allowed in the sauna.
  • Individuals receiving waxing services should not use the sauna before or after a service as it may cause skin sensitivity and irritation; specifically after a waxing service when dead skin cells have been removed with the hair.
  • Individuals should not use the sauna when they have a fever.
  • An individual that has insensitivity to heat should not use a sauna. 


Infrared Sauna Use Agreement

  • Discontinue the use of the sauna if you experience any pain and/or discomfort, or feel light-headed, dizzy or heat exhausted
  • Clients are required to shower both before and after their sauna session
  • Clients are required to sit on a clean towel during their sauna session


Relax, breathe deep, and enjoy the radiant warmth of your infrared experience!


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